psychic tv with doug rushkoff on the keys

Self Projections, Late Night Celestial Protections, and  Friendship Selections.

first episode of!
underworld on the radiooowaves, some things from the site are mixed in, it is a collection of sounds and songs that have been in my life lately. it is all over the map :)

bug (they/them)

on selfishness - conversations with friends

“How do you guys practice selflessness when you’re feeling like a selfish 20 something” - coco

“Be absorbed in yourself and your projects and everything going on in your life! I think that’s way better than being overly absorbed in what other people are doing/ their lives
Idk to me just feels like you’re staying in your lane af and I think that’s actually a great thing and again really good for future self!! ” - kitty

being selfish is staying in your lane, the lane is the process of becoming, becoming is how we learn how to love

“I don’t subscribe to the “you don’t owe people anything do you bae” outlook but I do take the “you don’t owe others more than you owe yourself”” - annabeth

how could i dream of / such a selfless and true love / could i wash my hands of / just looking after me

started my saturday/ended my friday biking through brooklyn at 5am listening to this

yw :)

i visualize my years as an ocean instead of a timeline - i found overlapping waves crashing ungraciously into one another - like unsuspecting atomic bombs all circling themselves - it’s never really felt like a forward motion has it - a whip-around of memories and sensations ceaselessly recreating - until no one is around to see the water anymore - coco

starting a library of women and revolutionaries over here

︎︎︎more of the punk planet zine︎︎︎

The Flapper by Frank Xavier Leyendecker, 1922

flappers are cool because they sprung out of the world after the 1918 pandemic- realizing life wasn’t so serious after all.
“Flappers of the 1920s were young women known for their energetic freedom, embracing a lifestyle viewed by many at the time as outrageous, immoral or downright dangerous. Now considered the first generation of independent American women, flappers pushed barriers in economic, political and sexual freedom for women“

le libertaire by Joseph Déjacque

a comic i made in 2020 that i recently found deep in my computer - coco


original song on ukulele by anonymous

john waters’ hairspray <3

M. K. Čiurlionis

a lithuanian artist who died at the age of 35. he was apparently very depressed but was able to make a whole realm of works ranging from astrological representations to biblical imagery to letter forms.

jonathan richman discussing his magical thoughts on the velvet underground

late 70s post punk hubba hubba

We went to the Taj Mahal and pressed
our turmeric-stained tongues like the tango of coy circling
In the mouth of the
river and behind the oval
caverns of our lips

This is a remix of we have come to bless the house by severed heads (1985). they’re an australian band from the late 70s, industrial and electronic synth punky breaker bones music. the remix is a little ethereal. - coco